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Welcome to my webpage. This website is about "Bicycle Baron" the Hugh Yamada who is going to go around the world via bicycle. He will be taking his guitar and cameras on his trip. He plays music and posts his life documentary vlog on his YouTube. This video below is interview video came out from INDIE ALASKA.


























Who is "Bicycle Baron" the Hugh Yamada?

Singer-songwriter born and raised in Tochigi, Japan.

I have been traveling with my bicycle across Japan and

across the U.S. from MA to CA with my guitar on my back

for in total of over years.

I moved to the States back in 2006, lived in NY for over a

decade and recently moved to Alaska on August 23rd, 2021

for my next dream going around the world via bicycle. Music

became more and more passionate thing for me every time

I travel with my guitar.


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