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Going Around the World via Bicycle

How many people have thought about going around the world via bicycle?

I mean, like pedaling all the way from edge to edge, all continents. There are lots of places to go and lots of things to see all over the world. Nature, People, Culture, Animals, Plants, Histories, Colors, Products, Foods, Drinks, Views, Languages, Clothes, Life-styles, Stones, Politics, Events, and all the other things.

Some people say “World is all same wherever you go” Some people say “World is wide and huge” Some people say “World is so tiny” And I believe they are all true and yet they are so different. However, we all live in this world at same time and same earth.

It is very surprising to me that, that’s the truth. Even within the same country, we have so many different cultures. Traveling with bicycle will allow us to see those transitions of culture change. Could it be trees that causing the culture difference? Maybe water resources are the reason they have different way of life style. Or maybe the history is the reason. There are so many reasons that can cause all the differences.

Although world is all same. We all have one life and we all live on earth today. I want to go around the world because I don’t know about what’s happening on this earth. I don’t know what kind of views are there. I don’t know what kind of people living there and how they talk. I don’t know what is coming up next. “DISCOVERING” is what I’d like to experience and share. Of course you can discover things from News, TVs, and internets, however I'd like to visually see it because that really gives me realization of the world. That’s why I want to ride bicycle and go around the world.

Alright Bicycle Baron, enough speech, the questions is, “HOW?”

“How can I make that happen?”

First, I need my destinations. I need to know where I’m going to so that I can start planning. Without a destination I can’t go anywhere. And so I came up with this plan. This is not set design yet and I can change it on the way or even before I start if I really want it to. Let’s start putting the words out.

At the moment, I got the plan from Alaska to Mexico. I still got time to think from Mexico to Argentina, South Africa to Morocco, Europe to Asia. Japan is going to be my final destination and probably Australia is going to be a dessert for me after Japan..

Hmm.. Maybe I should break them down in to 7 trips just like the 7 course dinner!

Starter : Alaska to California Potage : Mexico to Argentina Poisson : South Africa to Morocco Entrée : Europe Sorbet : Scandinavian Salades : Asia Fromage : Japan Desserts : Australia

This seems right. I can divide them into 7 tours. I can take breaks in between and work if I need to so that I can make this happen. Also I need to plan well in order to feel comfortable doing this. Here is the plan I made for the Starter (Alaska to California)

Prudhoe Bay, AK, USA Fairbanks, AK, USA Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada Steward, British Columbia, Canada Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Seatle, WA, USA Portland, OR, USA Pocatello, ID, USA Laramie, WY, USA Denver, CO, USA Salt Lake City, UT, USA Reno, NV, USA San Francisco, CA, USA San Diego, CA, USA — — — — continue to Tijuana, Mexico for the Potage Alright I think this is enough for this time.

Thanks for reading all the way here. I appreciate that.

I know there are lots of things I still have to figure out in order to make this happen. However I am going to make this happen. Please keep coming back and check on me with what progress I got since this blog. I will need your support. Subscribing my YouTube channel, following my instagram and keep coming back to see my blogs, those are already huge support that I need from you.

I will keep up with my work. Let's make this happen!

Thank you Bicycle Baron

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